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How to Adjust User Points in Bulk (Everyone- Multiple Users)
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Let’s assign points to multiple players/everyone!

  1. Navigate to the "Points" tab on the Admin Portal and click on the ‘Assign Points’ button in the top right corner.



  1. Select an action to do the following bulk point adjustment:

    1. Add - adds ‘x’ amount of points to the user’s total that day.

    2. Min - assigns the user(s) a minimum point count for answering at least 1 question.

    3. Max - assigns the user(s) a maximum point count that can be reached for that day.

    4. Assign *used most frequently - assigns the user(s) a total point count for that day,  This will override any points they’ve earned that day.



  1. Give your adjustment a description to be referenced on the points log.

  2. Specify how many points you would like the action to provide by using the arrows on the # Points field, or typing in your own number. 

  3. Choose a date to apply this point adjustment on using the calendar drop-down shown by clicking on the date field. 



  1. Select users to receive the adjustment or use the blue “ALL” button to select everyone, quickly! 



5. Make sure to click save at the bottom of the pop-up window to save your adjustment. You should see a confirmation message in green at the top of your portal if the action was performed. 

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