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How to Create a Curriculum
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Let’s create a curriculum!

  1. Navigate to the "Curriculum" tab on the Admin Portal.



  1. Select "Create Curriculum" from the options at the top right corner.



  1. In the queue pop-up screen, name your curriculum and choose the following parameters:

    A. Type of curriculum to deploy: Either normal (deployed to the user), self-assigned, or recommended to the user.



  1. Content in the curriculum: You can choose from pre-configured categories of questions, or navigate to “Questions” and deploy the drop-down menu to select the questions individually that will be included in the curriculum. 



4. If you would like to control the order of questions being deployed, use the “Delivery” tab to block each question in the desired order. Be sure to verify any changes you make to the curriculum by using the “Preview” tab to review content before it is deployed!



6. Make sure to click save before leaving the curriculum creation window!


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