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How to Create a True / False Question
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Let’s create a true/false (boolean) question!

  1. Navigate to the "Content" tab on the Admin Portal.



  1. Select "Create Question" from the options at the top right corner.



  1. In the question creation pop-up screen, name your question (name is the same as the question content) and choose the following parameters:

    1. Type of question: Boolean is the true/false question type.

    2. Add question content.

    3. Select the green check mark next to the answer that is correct to mark it as the “right” answer, either true or false.

    4. Add an explanation for that question, which pops up as the “correct” or “incorrect” message when the question is answered.




  1. Use the “preview” tab to take a look at your question before it deploys from the user’s perspective. 



5. Make sure to click save at the bottom of the pop-up window to save your question!

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