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How to Configure the Queue
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Let’s create a queue for our curriculum to follow!

  1. Navigate to the "Queue" tab on the Admin Portal.



  1. Select "Assign Curriculum" from the options at the top right corner.



  1. In the queue pop-up screen, name your queue and choose the following parameters:

    1. Curriculum to deploy from the drop-down menu. Here you will find pre-made curriculum and any curriculum that has been created by your team.

    2. Delivery of curriculum: choose either “splash” or “drip”.

    3. Schedule mode: changes the start, end, or creates a time-sensitive schedule of the curriculum being deployed.

    4. Desired audience: select from specific users, designated groups, or have everyone on the platform take a specific curriculum.

    5. Leaderboard toggled “on” allows for the leaderboard to be filtered by this specific curriculum. “Off” disables this filter.

    6. Refresh annually toggled “on” creates the same queue for the next year, automatically. “Off” disables this refresh.

    7. Make sure to click save!



  1. The curriculum should now be displayed as a queue on the chart. This curriculum can be adjusted within the queue by clicking on the curriculum's title.



5. To delete a queue, check the box to the left of the Queue’s name and select the option “Delete”.

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